Blogger? Me??? Sure, why not!

Modere Mom Extrodinaire

Here I am anxious to share my excitement about where my family is in life and where I feel we are heading (on the up and up!). Finally I have found myself working for a company whose values and products are synergistic with my own; #Modere. Being a “scrunchy mom” myself, I fell in love with every aspect of this organic brand! An opportunity was recently presented to me that has led to a very- soon-to-be-here trip to Atlanta for training to launch this amazing brand in my Midwest market. So here I am, starting a blog because I would like to some day have the ability to relive this amazing journey my family is embarking on and because I have a house full of sleepers and I just HAVE to tell someone about this excitement!

Wanna know more about me and why I feel I am so special that I began a blog to share my journey? Strap your boots on…