My search for synergy…

Modere Mom Extrodinaire

Over the last few years, I have dabbled in several lines of work; cosmetology, customer service, student, business intern, accounts manager. To know avail- there was no firm internal pull to say it was ‘home’. Not saying there wasn’t interest and a desire to give my all, but, there was no waking up at 2 a.m. just thinking of how valued I am by such an amazing community. Values enough to invite me out to Atlanta for some amazing training and community involvement.

Speaking of community involvement, those of you who know me well can attest that I am all about philanthropy. I have volunteered much of my time to a local charity in Waupaca, Wi to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s Disease – and have found much joy in this feel good part of my life. Now, I have embarked on another charitable endeavor that YOU can HELP with!

How? Well it is super easy. Up until the time I leave for Atlanta (roughly a week) I am accepting donations of gently used and/or new children’s books for an extraordinary charitable contribution our entire company is taking part in. We are going to make hygiene bags for women and children living in local Atlanta shelters. We have been challenged to put a children’s book in every bag!!! With your help, I can help these children escape the shelter because we all know with reading, we can find ourselves within the book and forget about the present problems.

We all know the journey for synergy so well. I am so grateful I have found it for my families lifestyle and my career! Never heard of Modere? Check out our amazing company here:


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