Do Good, Feel Good. Part 1

Modere Mom Extrodinaire

While I have been busy doing good throughout the last several years, it was not until a recent encounter that reminded me that maybe – just maybe – I can Share The Love (of sharing and caring) with others.

Within the last two weeks of my life, I have personally given more of myself to complete strangers than I have ever – and it felt AMAZING.

For years I have been on charitable committee’s setting up events and raising funds – never feeling a pinch myself except for time. Although, time is an irreplacable gift to give, I still felt that I ought to #digdeep and start giving parts of ME.

What could a little gal from the Midwest raising a family possibly have to share that others need?….

I welcome you to my journey to #sharethelove , and thank you for taking it with me. I challenge you to also #dogoodfeelgood #sharethelove and #payitforward.

I will leave you with a little teaser, the journey all started because of the name Lilly and how the universe pulled us together.


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