Check out EmergeHealthy where Therese shares the trustworthy resources she uses to do due diligence for those of us cautious consumers.  She gives a great background on ‘Green Washing’ by reviewing and exposing the ingredients lists of products toted by their marketing as green – safe – clean, as well as rating the products effectiveness. Worth a read!

Emerge Winning

Before I dive into the topic at hand, I would like to check in on my progress thus far in my “30-Day Slimdown.” If you read the last blog post,you may recall that this plan is a simple one featuring moderate exercise, clean eating (about 80% of the time, to be honest), and some helpful supplements from Modere’s Slimdown Collection. I shed over 6 lbs. in a week! I made sure to balance my occasional splurge with 1) clean eating the rest of the day, and 2) Carb Blocker supplement when eating a higher carb meal. In addition, I made an extra effort to get to bed at a reasonable time and to get up at roughly the same time each day. My favorite part is that I didn’t feel deprived or restricted… just selective. I will definitely check in again in another week!

Getting fit and eating better has…

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