I am not a perfect mom, I have failed miserably at many things I have attempted to do with my life. I often wonder if I have also fallen short as a parent.

Pregnant at 19 has a way of putting the brakes on lavish dreams of success. Parenthood is a journey –  but learning to set aside your own wants and needs for the little people in your life does not always come without the occasional ‘what-ifs’.

Connor and I snuggled close on the couch this evening, something extra special for us to have just “us time” these days with his sister demanding so much of my time. Being a single mom for so many years – it was Connor and I against the world for so long.

I relish the tender quiet moments together that I get to reflect on how far we have come. As I snuggled my first born tonight – him being the mature kid he is, so emotionally connected to me – must have felt the state of self doubt I was in.

Connor looked up at me and said “I am so happy you are my mom.”  Being loved – unconditionally by a child who is wise beyond his years IS my success.

Dreams are just that, dreams. Reality is so much better in moments like these.Those words have such power. Everything else in the world disappears and just the present moment matters.

Thank you for the reminder that success comes in many forms kiddo.

Croniesprofile_34546641_75sq_1335919184Color Run 1

Momma Mia!

2 thoughts on “Little reminders…

  1. Excellent! It’s true that it’s easy to get buried in the minutiae of “keeping it all together ”

    This is just what I needed to heart today! Thanks!!


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