I have always been a ‘list maker’. The kind that has to map out all the fleeting thoughts and tasks I have – finding lists strewn about my house, often getting lost.You try your hardest to plan and execute those lists, but with a fast paced mind, you can’t remember where those darn lists have disappeared to.

Does this sound like you?

Recently I stumbled across an amazing asset on KickStarter that I HAVE to get my hands on; The Passion Planner. An amazing young woman, Angelia Trinidad, created this tool and boy am I ever so grateful I stumbled upon it. (find her personal blog here: Angelia Trinidad Blog )


Passion Planner


You are probably asking yourself what is so great about this new tool I discovered. I will tell you why it is a perfect fit for me – and the way my mind works.

Not only is it a nicely laid out calendar – book appointments, jot down important date but it is unique in the way it helps you prioritize personal and work related goals. Ever try to set goals and find these two different sets (personal life and work life) get mingled. You just can’t seem to separate the two?

With Passion Planner’s format you CAN!

Something I have really found makes a difference in my daily life is positive affirmations. When I think positive and use uplifting mantras – my attitude and perspective automatically switches. Guess what… Passion Planner has this too.

With weekly logs to keep track of the good things happening in life, along with inspirational and uplifting quotes – Passion Planner has the ability to keep me focused on the positives and has the potential to increase the probability of meeting my personal weekly challenges.

Are you a brainstormer – brain mapper? Maybe your thoughts come out better while doodling or journaling. Well I am sure you guessed that Passion Planner has that too – you would be right.

The ability for one tool to be used for any type of thinker – list takers, journal users, doodlers, goal setters – is so profound that I have to share the love. How many planners have you bought in your life that just did NOT help. You ended up grabbing a notebook and using it as an easy standby – often giving up on the planner; winging it all once again. I am right there with you.

With Passion Planner, I know this will change the game for me. Increase my ability to manage varying aspects of my life, while also letting me be ME and plan in the way my mind works.

If you haven’t heard of this amazing start-up check them out at the link below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this amazing too. Heck, if you decide you love it too, let them know that I referred you (TheModernMomsJourney@gmail.com) and share the love of Passion with others.

Find your Passion helper HERE


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