Share the Love: Lilly

Modere Mom Extrodinaire

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to

make it happen.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

This post has taken me awhile to ponder how to put the emotional journey I experienced with a complete stranger into words. It has been weeks and I am just now able to verbalize the warmth I felt throughout my body – and the way the universe keeps bringing me the opportunity to change peoples lives and warm their hearts as well.

Many of you readers know that I am an advocate for AP parenting styles, and have really immersed myself within the babywearing community locally – and virtually. Through this wonderful and widespread network of amazing moms I know – I ‘met’ Katherine.

I woke up and as most mornings, browsed one the fast paced babywearing group I am a part of – and the first post I saw was Katherine’s. While reading her story for an ISO wrap Kokadi’s Lilly im Wunderland (that I happened to be snuggled under at that very moment) my body was overcome with goosies.

With Katherine’s permission I will give some background context. Katherine lost her brother a few years ago to suicide. Katherine’s bond with her brother was such that he visited her in a dream to announce her pregnancy to her – she had no previous inclination of having a baby on board until she took a test immediately after her brothers announcement in her dream. She named her beautiful angel Lillian who was born on her late uncles birthday.

So why did I have the goosies?

Because once I read her story further and further – I knew my body was telling me to pay it forward. This young mom had found the world of babywearing and found her legacy wrap on wrap database and knew within moments that this was needed in her life because not only was the wrap Katherine’s favorite color & the same name as her daughter- Lilly & Lillian – wait for it…

The wrap was also released on Lillian and her uncles shared….


Woah, I know… sounds like FATE.

I immediately contacted Katherine to offer to sell her MY Lilly, only to find out she could not afford the MV. She was hustling to find any way for her to fund her daughters legacy wrap – but to no avail, the funds just couldn’t be found. If you aren’t familiar with the price of a cushy woven wrap – let me just tell you they cost a pretty penny and value increases with use! $$$

Once she announced this to our AMAZING babywearing community, I had several moms privately contact me to offer to donate on Katherine’s behalf. We all felt it. We all knew this was meant to be – so few wonderful mom’s chipped in and covered all my shipping costs. I couldn’t contain myself – Lilly had a forever family that needed her.

So with little hesitation, my beautiful children and I took our beloved Lilly on a few more rides – willed sleepy dust into her and the very next day I sent Lilly on her journey to Katherine.


My baby girl and Lilly RUB carry Connor took one last ride... sending Lilly extra floppy!!

Why blog about this?

Because the good that people can do is sometimes enough to uplift someones life. I think that Lilly (the wrap) will have a much deeper emotional effect on her new family. It is as if the Universe wanted Lillian and her mother to be wrapped close in the love of their lost but never forgotten loved one. Powerful.

It would be plain selfish for me not to share the good in the world and spread hope. Have faith in humanity folks, there are some of us good ones out here!

Keep Calm and Carry On